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(思培备考全攻略 第四十三期)



11 CELPIP Test Centres do not handle any customer inquiries or registration applications. 思培考场仅仅是一个考试场所,所以关于查询或者注册之类的问题,还是需要去官网或者去思培在多伦多或者温哥华的office。

12 The CELPIP Test is available at over 30 locations across Canada and internationally.  目前全球只有两个地区可以考思培,一个是加拿大,一个是阿联酋的迪拜。但是考试费用不同,在加拿大考试,一般都是$265,但是在迪拜是$318。在多伦多,有7个考点,其中在密西沙加1个。

13 If the identification document that you bring with you on test day does not meet the following requirements, you will not be allowed to take the test, and you will not be able to transfer your test or receive a refund. 考试当天我们要拿有效的证件,如果证件是无效的,那么将无法考试,也不能够获得退款。

14 You must arrive 45 MINUTES prior to your test. Latecomers will be denied entrance to the test and will NOT be eligible for a refund or transfer. 官方要求是提前45分钟到达考场,但实际上不需要,有很多同学提前15分钟到,时间都很充裕。但是我们建议,提前订好时间,要注意路况可能带来的时间影响。

15 Your identification document must be the same one you used to register for the test. It must match the registration details you entered during registration, including full name and document number. Your identification document must be original. Photocopies of identification are not acceptable. Your identification document must be unexpired. 思培考试需要带的证件,必须与你在注册考试时提供的证件一致,而且要与你注册时填写的信息一致。这个证件必须是原件,复印件不能作为有效证明。证件不能过期。

16 Acceptable identification for the CELPIP-General Test: Passport Refugee Protection Claimant Document* Travel Document* 我们最常用的身份证明文件就是护照。其他证件如SIN卡,驾照都不能作为有效证件,包括信用卡,有头像的也不行,如costco的信用卡。

17 Once registered, you will be emailed a test confirmation email. Make sure to bring a digital or print copy of the email with you to the test sitting. If you have not received (or have lost) your test confirmation email, please 1) check the junk folder in your email, or 2) contact our office. 另外还需要携带确认信,确认信是我们在注册考试之后就会收到一封电子邮件,考试当天可以携带电子版或者打印出来都可以。

18 You will be provided with a pen and notepaper, which must be returned at the end of the test.If you need anything during the test, such as extra notepaper or a washroom break, raise your hand.  关于草稿纸和笔,思培考场会提供这些,但是在考试结束后,会收回。 在考试过程中,如果考生需要其他帮助,包括额外的纸或者去卫生间之类的问题,都可以举手示意。

19 You may not communicate with other test takers in the test room or leave your seat unescorted. Your test time does not stop for any reason, including washroom breaks. 一旦考试开始,考试就开始计时,期间不会因为个人原因而终止,比如去卫生间,考试也会继续。所以我们也强烈建议,在考试前不要喝太多的水或者咖啡之类,在考试前使用卫生间。

20 For tests taken outside of Canada, Express Rating may take up to four business days to be posted online. Delivery times are based on Canadian addresses. Delivery to international addresses may vary. 如果是在加拿大境外考试,那么ER的时间可能会是4个工作日,纸质版成绩的邮递时间是基于加拿大地址而设定的,如果是海外地址,那么时间就会有些出入。


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