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1 CELPIP Test scores are available online through your CELPIP Account in 8 business days after your test date. 一般来说,思培成绩需要8个工作日才能够在网上看到。工作日是不包括节假日和周末的。

2 Two print copies of your CELPIP Official Score Report will be mailed to your registered address via Canada Post. 思培官方会寄给考生两份纸质版成绩单。

3 Additional Official Score Reports can be ordered through your CELPIP Account, for a fee of $20.00 CAD + tax. Additional score reports are only available for tests that have been taken within the last 2 years.  考生需要花费20元获取额外的成绩单,在过去两年内考过的思培成绩单才可以获取。

4 Estimated delivery time for print copies of score reports is four to ten business days after scores are made available online. 在看到网上成绩后的4到10个工作日,成绩单才会寄到考生那里。

5 For test takers that order Express Rating, your CELPIP Test scores will be available in 3 business days after your test date. 如果想快速知道分数,使用Express Rating,3个工作日就可以快速出分。

6 Express Rating requests and payments must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled test date. 需要在你考试前至少24小时提出快Express Rating请求并成功付款。

7 There is limited availability of the Express Rating option.

如果需要快速出分,最好早申请,因为Express Rating也有名额限制。

8 Express Rating is available for all test sittings except those held on Sunday after 11:00 a.m. (Local Time) 如果考生选择的考试时间是周日的上午11点以后,那么不可以申请Express Rating。

9 EXPRESS RATING FEES 对于CELPIP-General Test听说读写的ER,费用是$100.00 CAD + tax ($150.00 CAD + tax for international testing) 对于听说CELPIP-General LS Test 的ER,费用是$70.00 CAD + tax

10 You may request a cancellation of your Express Rating. If your cancellation request is received at least nine (9) calendar days before your scheduled test date, you will be eligible for a full refund of the Express Rating fee. No cancellations or refunds will be granted for requests received less than 9 calendar days before the scheduled test date. 如果要取消ER,则至少要提前9天,可以退款,如果少于9天,除非是Paragon的技术故障导致,否则不可以获得退款。



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