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《思培阅读满分三字诀》之 “准”字诀(2)






案例一:来自思培官方真题Set5, Practice2, Reading1

题目: With regard to Nadia’s French, I appreciate that you are willing to 9. to get her some extra help l change schools l spend money l drive some distance l take time off work 答案:spend money 解题关键,找到的对应的原文出处是 I have heard that some families hire private tutors or sign their kids up for after-school lessons. Would you be able to recommend either a class or a tutor? 这句话就表明,他听说了有的家长给孩子找了家教或者一些after-school的课程,让帮忙推荐。也就是说,他愿意花钱。

案例二:来自思培官方真题Set5, Practice2, Reading1,

题目: Sergiy and Ms. Wilkes l ·both speak highly of each other. l ·do not personally know each other. l ·have an appointment to meet soon. l ·know the girl's other teachers. 答案:do not personally know each other. 解题关键,找到的对应的原文出处是 we have not yet had a chance to formally meet.


题目: Why does Alison think the Atlantic Ocean might be cold? l ·She knows oceans are cold. l ·She was told that it’s cold. l ·She has a friend who surfs there. l ·She read about Atlantic temperatures. 答案:She was told that it’s cold 解题关键,找到的对应的原文出处是 I’ve heard that the Atlantic Ocean is quite cold

这些句子里面我们可以看到,都是需要理解原文才可以。而真正的理解能力的培养,是需要有一定的词汇量和语法基础,并且有一定阅读量和必要的阅读能力作为保证的,所以对于思培阅读,只要大家有了一定的阅读积累,还是相对容易的。 案例四:来自思培官方真题Free Sample,Reading Part 3, 有一道配对题的题目是 1. There are physical differences between Narwhal males and females. 说的是雄性和雌性的独角鲸有物理区别。

  • A段

  • B段

  • C段

  • D段

  • E段

在原文中,我们看到,是通过具体使用比较级来表明这种区别的。Female tusks have a more regularly defined morphology.,这一句话就已经表明了female的不同,而They are much shorter, straighter, and do not collect as much algae on the surface, thus appearing whiter. 则是进一步的说明了这种不同。所以就可以判断,题目所说的内容就在这一段中。 B: The narwhals’ distinctive characteristic lies in the presence of a long 2.5 meter spiralling tusk that protrudes from the males' foreheads, resembling a unicorn. The horn-like formation, however, is a long left tooth. The right tooth remains embedded in the skull and measures roughly 30 centimetres. Female tusks have a more regularly defined morphology. They are much shorter, straighter, and do not collect as much algae on the surface, thus appearing whiter.


—— 第一思培原创,请勿转载

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