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- what

ü There is a danger, though, that if the individual is ever lucky enough to find what they’re looking for, rather than celebrating their success, they may feel empty, now that the goal that drove them on has gone.

ü Or collectors might be inspired to study how dolls reflect notions of what children like, or ought to like..

- whatever

ü Milgram told the teacher-subject to ignore the reactions of the pupil, and to administer whatever level of shock was called for, as per the rule governing the experimental situation of the moment.


An important principle is that all corpora, whatever their size, are inevitably limited in their coverage, and always need to be supplemented by data derived from the intuitions of native speakers of the language, through either introspection or experimentation.

- who/whoever

ü The boy with the red shirt is who I want on my team.

ü Whoever cleaned the house deserves a thank you.

ü Be sure to send whoever interviewed you a thank-you note.


ü Whoever stole the painting, the police will catch the thief in no time.

- which/whichever

ü I must decide which English course to take.

ü Whichever restaurant you pick is fine with me.


ü Whichever element is emphasized in preaching, the preacher is one who believes himself to be the ambassador of God, charged with a message which it is his duty to deliver.

- when

ü I don't know when we're going.



ü Their powers to vote down executive Remuneration policies increased when binding votes came into force.


ü She remembered the day when Peter had first arrived.

- how

ü The focus of our work is how we can satisfy customers most effectively.

- why

ü That’s why she insisted she is not stunned by this, even if the Ramblers were seeded 11th in their region.

- why除了引导名词性从句,也可以引导定语从句:

ü That issue -- trust -- is another reason why a quick response from the CEO is essential.

- 名词性从句翻译练习

1. 我知道Peter明天要去做什么。

2. 你刚才对于中美贸易战的分析是非常有见地的。

3. 我们还不确定明天几点中出发。

4. 他表现的好像很无辜。

5. Nancy一直都不相信Peter已经结婚了。

6. 大家都看不出来那个魔术师是如何逃出那个密闭空间的。



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