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《思培听力视频题-判断说话人观点》(思培备考全攻略 第四十七期)



在听这道题的时候,要始终明确讨论的中心主题是什么,以及每个人各自的观点。这三人的观点,有时候,三个人都不相同,有时候两个人相同和另一个人不同。 三个人,轮流发言,考生需要明确他们各自的观点,以及他们观点之间的相互关系,对于理解文章极其重要。


表示同意的表达有: Absolutely I agree That's a good idea. Exactly No doubt about it. That's true. That’s right! For sure It’s a deal. No argument here. I’m with you. 也就是如果说话的人用这些表达的时候,他就是在同意前面人所说的观点。

It’s a deal. Meaning: Okay.; It is agreed. Used to express one's assent to an agreement. It’s a deal.有时候也在口语中也可以简化为deal。表示同意,意思是一言为定例如: A: Let's go to dinner together tonight.  B: It's a deal.

I'm with you 是一个习语。其中一个意思是同意,等同于I agree with you. 还有另外一个意思是I will join with you in doing what you suggest. 需要根据上下文来判断,但是通常是表示同意。 例如: A: I think this old bridge is sort of dangerous. B: I'm with you. Let's go back another way. I’m with you.就是同意。 Q. It talks about the sample of people who are the subject of the study, okay? A. Yes, I’m with you. I’m with you.也是同意。

表示不同意的表达有: 疑问语气 why would you say that? Hold on I don’t think ... How can that be? Wait a minute Not necessarily. I’m not sure about that.

疑问语气 通常陈述句要使用降调处理,但是如果使用升调,将疑问语气用在陈述句中,就表示不相信,不认同。例如思培真题中: You want me to start doing sales pitches? 这句话就好像说,我听错了吗,你是在开玩笑吗,你想让我做sales pitch。 注:In selling technique, a sales presentation or sales pitch is a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone or something, with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the product or service.

Hold on/wait a minute 在思培和雅思听力中,我们都能够看到这两个词,这两个词传递一种信号,就是对前面信息的一种否定,或者自我纠正。有一种stop的感觉。 Not necessarily. 表示不一定。used to say that something is not definitely true A:“We're going to lose this game.” B:“Not necessarily.” 在对话中,Not necessarily.表示的是Not necessarily true.

表示部分同意的表达有: Yes, but That’s true, but… Well, sort of I agree with you up to a point. Fair enough, but That seems obvious, but … OK, but what about True enough, but

True enough Meaning: correct or accurate, but not completely explaining something。 True enough的基本意思是表示同意。但是如果后面加一个but,那么意思就是“你说的倒是对的,但是”,就表示部分同意。例如: What you say may be true enough, but it is beside the question. 你说的也许属实,但与本题毫不相干。 Fair enough,but也有类似的作用。 All this is fair enough, but it is only one part of the story.


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