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第一思培精听系统 - s11p1p2

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Okay, so you have a bunch of stuff you want to buy, and I have a bunch of stuff I want to buy

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Shall we just split up and meet back at the food court for lunch? In, say, an hour?

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Actually, I was hoping you might come with me at least to the framing store.

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You have a much better eye for that kind of thing.

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I know what sort of poster I want to buy for Michael, but I have no idea what kind of frame it will look good in.

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But the person at the store should be able to help you with that.

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“Should” is the key word.

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I’ve noticed more and more that the people who work in stores don’t have any special expertise about the stuff sold in that store.

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. I tried to buy a pair of shoes the other day, and I swear the person didn’t know a shoelace from a buckle.

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You know, you’re right: I had the same experience when I tried to buy a toaster.

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So okay, I’ll come with you to the framing store, but I’d really like to go to my favourite store first.

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They have a sale on sweatshirts, and I want to get there before they’re sold out of the colour and size I want.

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Fair enough. But since I’m not thrilled about going into clothing stores, I’ll just wait outside, okay?

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No problem. Actually, I think that’s where the fountain is, with all the benches.

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Perfect. After that, I don’t mind splitting up. Will it really take you just an hour, though?

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Will it really take you just an hour? It’s Saturday—this place is crowded! Good point.

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Better make it two hours. Maybe by then, the food court won’t be as busy.

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That would be nice. I hate being jostled when I’ve got a full tray of food. And I’m planning to get exactly that at the new Thai restaurant that’s opened up.

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They have a buffet.

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Really? I didn’t know that. Guess who else will be getting a full tray of food!

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